"Throne of my lonely niche, my wealth,
My love,
My moonlight.
My most sincere friend,
My confidant,
My very existence,
My Sultan.
The most beautiful among the beautiful…
My springtime,
My merry faced love,
My daytime,
My sweetheart,
Laughing leaf…
My plants, my sweet, my rose,
The one only who does not distress me in this world…
My Istanbul,
My Caraman, the earth of my Anatolia
My Badakhshan,
My Baghdad and Khorasan
My woman of the beautiful hair,
My love of the slanted brow,
My love of eyes full of mischief…
I’ll sing your praises always
I, lover of the tormented heart,
Muhibbi of the eyes full of tears,
I am happy."
— Poetry by Sultan Suleyman - The Magnificent for his beloved one. (via dirteedianna)

Love of mine. Come back to me. I rule the world now, but I cannot find peace. For I can only feel it with you”.


Mahidevran reaction when she killed Mehmet VS. Hurrem reaction when she killed Mustafa.

Sorry this had to be said.

The Magnificent Century Season 4The story of one family1


{ some of the most intriguing and influential historical queens }

I'm building an empire
I'm building with the stars in mind
I'm building an empire
That's one day gona scrape the sky

Scott Summers can’t dance to save his life.

Scott Summers can’t dance to save his life.


whenever somebody says like “so what did you do today?” just look off into the distance and say “the right thing”


From 0 to Sirius Black how aggressively you will defend James Potter?



"i understand women have it bad but men have it bad too"


"i mean, women are almost equal to men as it is"


"i’m not a feminist, i believe in equality"


It’s perfect




Classy. Of course.

You’re p. cute, sir.

My fucken hero


Oliver the Dog and Arashi the Cat: the cutest best friends ever!

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