Top 13 TSC Relationships\Friendships (in no particular order) || Faye Chamberlain & Diana Meade
‘It’s not like Faye and I are BFF’s, I mean she hates me most of the time. I just think we’re better together than we are apart.’

“Maybe some other time…”
“Yeah… definitely another time.”

Doesn’t look like a mistake to me!! XD #Fayke 

The Secret Circle season finale review

ok ok ok ok I felt like watching an episode ripped from the books and I LOVED IT!!!! finally!!!!
I have been screaming for all the past season to add more stuff from the book and the moment they did the quality of the show skyrocketed!!!!!

I loved it, loved it in every way

apart of the scene of the forming of the skull… I mean come on, do something more fancy you’re like forming up the ultimate weapon, don’t just wait outside a lake like morons… and the scene of Adam trying to deform it by glaring at it ….

the rest of the episode was A W E S O M E

I’m so glad Charles found the power to do what he had to do for everyone, I’m so glad Dawn is alive and with her powers, she’ll be able to help the circle from now on

Cassie and Diana together were so good, so powerful, I loved how they delt with their father (i’m only wondering how their Balcoin siblings will take the news of their little sisters killing their dadda….) 

Faye… the one and onlyand with Jake aaaaaah!!! I loved them, some day… you all know some day! and Melissa was so sweet for Faye and Adam, I love it but I don’t understand why Faye and Melissa didn’t say a word about Diana going away, after all weren’t they closer friends a few eps back? I guess bad habits die hard for the writers who forget what they create, same for Adam, he was in love with Diana for years and he’s forgotten about his feelings for Cassie… he could have said something about Diana, no confessions of love andf stuff like that, but at least say a word for her not to go….

Jake, I didn’t like you for half the season (while you ran behind Cassie pfff) but now you’re my favorite male character in there!!!!

Cassie, without Diana you will drive us nuts with all the power you have and no one to stop you or limit you but we’ll bare

what a bamfetee Dawn was with her solo power! and poor Charles is like Heather now… 

now, just please give a chance to chance harbour and lets have a second season, i’m on my knees here, the show has many plotholes, plot mistakes and stuff but the chemistry between the guys is awesome and so is the potential, if the show gets canceled i will blame the writers and only, CW, for your own good!!!!!! RENEW THE SHOW!!!!!


AU Meme - Adaye as Angels

“Fall with me, Faye.”
It is not the first time he’s tempted her with those words. But doesn’t he know? She’s already fallen. 


AU Meme - Adaye as Angels

“Fall with me, Faye.”

It is not the first time he’s tempted her with those words. But doesn’t he know? She’s already fallen. 


“I smell a storm coming. War is on the horizon. Angels will fall.””Perhaps they’ve already fallen.”
— An Angels!Adaye AU


“I smell a storm coming. War is on the horizon. Angels will fall.”
Perhaps they’ve already fallen.”

— An Angels!Adaye AU

Tyler Shields photo shoot with Thomas Dekker and Phoebe Tonkin

2nd pic….

whyy you’re messing with my otp when I try to ship only Chamberstrong!!!!??? why you’re such people????

Come and take a walk on the wild side. Let me kiss you hard in the pouring rain.You like your girls insane.

The Secret Circle review for 1x21

ok the show just got upgraded (since more or less we’re finally following the bloody books!!!!)

I loved it so much!!!!! gave the feels of the first episodes where everyone was actually using magic, had interraction and had dangers to face

Cassie, ok, I liked you in the episode, maybe because we’re done with you and Adam looking at each other like puppies and blah blah blah, I don’t agree with Diana attacking you like Elizabeth did with Emilia but I understand you only wished to trust Blackwell 

Diana, ok your world has just collapsed and you have every reason to act thus towards everyone, I even understand why you weren’t there to help with the crystal….

Dawn, I swear to God, if you die as to save Faye in the next episode I will kill so many bitches they won’t be able to even!

Melissa: you rock, baby girl!

Adam, it’s your curse to have chemistry WITH EVERYONE else but Cassie, i almost ship you with Melissa (if I was not still too attracted in Nelissa and the fact that you try to find subs of Diana in everyone)

Jake…. I didn’t like you for most of the season but in the past episodes you have improved so much! I love how you apologized to Faye and I can see only you two working out, you know each other, you like each other, you’re equally dark and twisted… it’s perfect!

Charles…. what goes around, comes around, now man up and help us all!!!!!!!!

Mr. Blackwell………..

 and now FAYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awesome lines, awesome all BUT WHY YOU HAD TO GO AND FACE THE DEMONFUCKER!!!!!???? WHY OMG NOW YOU’RE BEING TORTURED IN THAT RATHOLE AND THURSDAY IS 6 DAYS AWAY AND OH MY GODS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

all in all, amazing episode, the finale is going to rock us all, and then since we have the best of luck, the show’s going to be canceled and i will kill everyone in this bar!!!!!!!