the prices of the hp studio shop products

Just keep in mind that the prices are in GBP and i spent a full day so in some cases i might be a couple of pounds off the actual price, also most products had prices like (example:39.90) i will be giving you the rounded up price (example:40)

  • Harry Potter wands (Snape, Bellatrix, Narcissa, Voldemort, Ron, Hermione, Harry, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Professor McGonagall, Draco malfoy werre the ones i remember): 25 pounds
  • stuffed magical animals(owls, crookshanks, scabbers, fawkes, pigmeys) :from 20 to 40 pounds each
  • magnets of things like the hogwarts crest, pumpkin pie mini bottles and sorting hat: 6 to 8 pounds
  • keylocks of the time turner and the deathly hallows:7 pounds
  • cups and glasses start from 6 to 11 pounds (but they are large so you will enjoy them)
  • chocolate frogs:8 pounds
  • berties:9 pounds
  • various other candies: from 3 to 10 pounds
  • chocolate wands 4 pounds
  • themed t-shirts either with the hp logo, the death eaters, hogwarts or the marauders map: from 18 to 22 pounds
  • quills:8 pounds
  • hogwarts parchement:6 pounds
  • the marauders map: 30 pounds
  • the 3 extra books by JKR: 5 pounds each
  • keylocks of various designs: 6 pounds
  • the official guidebook:10 pounds but i recommend to everyone, if you are to book your ticket you should choose the one of the 37 pounds because it gives you the guidebook as a gift
  • and now the hogwarts house stuff:
  1. house t-shirts: 20 pounds
  2. hats-gloves- 5 to 10 pounds
  3. pullovers:35 pounds
  4. ties: 8 pounds
  5. the full uniform was about 150 pounds for the whole deal…
  • now to the more expensive replicas that were displayed in glass cases:
  • hermione’s time turner:40 pounds
  • the chessboard with the pieces: 280 pounds
  • hermione’s necklace from dh part 1:90 pounds
  • gryffindor and slytherin earings:80 pounds
  • ron’s sweetheart necklace: 70 pounds
  • bellatrix mask necklace: 90 pounds
  • narcissa’s earings: 80pounds
  • sorcerer’s stone pendant: 50 pounds
  • sorcerer’s stone: 80 pounds
  • horcrux ring:40 pounds
  • dh necklace: 40pounds
  • tri-tournament egg necklace:40 pounds
  • fawkes pendant:125 pounds
  • hedwig miniature in cage: 100 pounds
  • 4 dragons statue: 100 pounds
  • fluffy figure :200 pounds
  • centaur figure:200 pounds
  • golden snitch: 50 pounds
  • snitch necklace 100 pounds
  • triwizard cup:100 pounds
  • basillisk bookend: 35 pounds
  • the prophesy:35 pounds
  • divination crystal ball: 50 pounds
  • the dementor’s crystal ball: 55 pounds
  • hermione’s back from dh:90-pounds

that’s it guys, that’s what i remember from the shop and the prices

as you can see, get ready to pay a few good old galleons for Harry ;)