The Secret Circle Book Series Review - Spoiler

WOW!!!!! ok I finally finished the books and I must say I LOVED THE FINALE!!!

the first book was a bit odd, allow me to say but the second and then the third… I love The Power 

 I loved how the Circle interacted through it all, I loved how Faye turned around at the last moment, one of Black John’s queens… I loved all the fair points of spell making and cover working, the truth behind every spell and witchcraft’s use (since I’m a wiccan myself and i get mad when people don’t get things right aka BBC Merlin’s wrongdoings), I loved the Greek elements here and there (since I’m Greek ;)) I loved it all, the final pages were so good. I loved the coven ended up with the three leaders, all women all powerful representing the Sun and Moon in Cassie’s face, Light in Diana’s and Darkness in Faye’s. I loved it all so much. I think the endgame of Adam-Cassie was a bit cliche but on the other hand, here we had a fair explenation of it all unlike in the show that it’s a bit awkward and rushed, here there was the cord (many times mentioned in books about that stuff) and there was a deeper connection. 

I didn’t expect to like the books more than the show and I know the show is still too early only in s1 but I loved the books’ chracters, Deborah, Laurel, Melanie, Chris and Doug, I wish they had made it to the show’s cut. 

my otps from the books: Adam/Cassie, Adam/Diana, Faye/Nick,

my dreamcast: Adam as Thomas like in the show, Diana same as in the show, Faye as well and Cassie because that’s how they are stuck in my head hehe the rest:

Nick: Ben Barnes

Susan: Candice Accola

Melanie: Holliday Grainger

Deborah: Katie McGrath

Chris/Doug (since they’re twins): the Phelps twins

Sean: Ed Speelers

Laurel: Evanna Lynch

Kori: Ellen Page